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I'm a CFNC (Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor), a TCDP (True Cellular Detox Practitioner) and a CEI (Certified Event Interventionist). I once had hair loss too. I reversed it by working on getting my body to heal itself by supporting all my body systems and optimizing how they work together vs targeting only symptoms.

Born in Manhattan in 1986, I was exposed to a plethora of toxins at a very young age; so much that my tonsils were removed at the age of 5. My hair loss which started at the age of 24, specifically when I got off the birth control patch, made me estrogen dominant. I subsequently became androgen dominant at the same time, in my clinical opinion, due to low grade consistent inflammation. Both hormonal imbalances can lead to hair loss in a trickle down way, yet the actual hormonal imbalance alone is not the issue. That's why addressing imbalances is never enough for a long term solution to hair loss reversal. It's the cascade of events the imbalances begin in your body that lead to this devastating symptom


Imbalances (hormonal or not) can make you more susceptible to toxicant induced loss of tolerance which eventually leads to a true root cause. In my case, mold toxicity, viral exposures, heavy metal exposures, allergens, leaky gut, and microbial imbalances, among other things, had to be addressed in order for my hair loss to reverse. This was what I was able to piece together after investing in my clinical education.

Here is what the doctors told me:
I developed a sub clinical hypothyroid (meaning it wasn’t in optimal and functional ranges) at the onset of losing hair density on the crown of my head. (This was true but it wasn’t a “genetic” issue as much as it was an “epigentic” issue which is why I reversed hair loss in spite of that.)

Later the thinning became diffuse and my hair was falling out by the bucket (super scary times). The most horrifying part was when I developed bald patches and was eventually in a full blown case of Scarring Alopecia and Skull Expansion. Even prior to this progression, the dermatologist gave me no hope for restoration at all. She said all I could do is slow it down and hope to “stop the spread!”

I was also diagnosed by my gynecologist with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and AGA (androgenic alopecia) by the endocrinologist which sent me back to the dermatologist. They put me on spironolcatone which helped a lot but had horrendous side effects that I couldn’t deal with (such as halitosis and potential birth defects!)


I thought since that drug worked, maybe the answer was hormones. So I went to a hormone replacement doctor that ripped me off forcing me to buy hormones from him (those pills somehow changed my personality for the worse, making me irritable instead of helping my hair at all!)

I didn’t get any relief until I started taking a strategic approach with my diet and supplements and learning more about how hair grows, how the body is supposed to work, and where it all goes wrong. My success with that is what lead me to obtain my credentials instead of buying the next pill or shampoo. Besides that I got this great advice...

"For through wisdom your days will be many, and years will be added to your life" -the bible


I am building a community of people who are ready to seek wisdom and understanding, and piece together "what is going on in there" that is trickling down to hair loss! Together, we can figure out what your perpetuating patterns are that are keeping your hair woes from auto correcting.

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