Unlock the Secrets to Natural Hair Regrowth: Transform Your Thinning Hair into Luscious, Healthy Locks and Boost Your Self-Esteem with

The Bellechanics to Reversing Hair Loss Naturally Program


A Course and Membership Community Created to Coach You Through Reversing Hair Loss Naturally and Thickening Your Hair!

Stop throwing crap (and money) at the wall and waiting to see what sticks! By being strategic with your diet, lifestyle, and supplement regimen you can become a mechanic of your body and help your body restore your youthful appearance with fuller, longer hair!

Become a Bellechanic and Master Your Body Mechanics to Reveal Your Inner Belle!

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Unlock the Secrets to Natural Hair Regrowth: Transform Your Thinning Hair into Luscious, Healthy Locks and Boost Your Self-Esteem with The Bellechanics to Reversing Hair Loss Naturally Program


A Course and Membership Community Created to Coach You Through Reversing Hair Loss Naturally and Thickening Your Hair!

Stop throwing crap (and money) at the wall and waiting to see what sticks! By being strategic with your diet, lifestyle, and supplement regimen you  can become a mechanic of your body and help your body restore your youthful appearance with fuller, longer hair!

Become a Bellechanic and Master Your Body Mechanics to Reveal Your Inner Belle!

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Hey There!


I started losing my hair when I was 24 years old. I didn’t know it at the time, but it would take me a decade to figure out how to reverse the damage (not just halt it) and I would have to figure it out on my own. 

FOR YEARS I dragged a black binder full of labs to every type of “-ologist” you could think of, all just to earn side eye glances and hear comments like “there’s not much we can do” or even worse “your labs are fine.” Years of endless late night google research, years of torture and hopeless thoughts about my hair loss preceeded my victory.

I almost gave up… that was until…

I made a decision that I would reverse my hair loss even if what I needed to figure out had never been done before. I was going to succeed… or die trying. 

Failure was not an option.

I was done being in the prison of my obsessive thoughts. I just wanted my life back. I wanted freedom from worrying. I wanted to stop feeling helpless.

In the last two years of my “sentence” alone I spent $75 thousand dollars desperately researching everything (this includes earning functional practitioner certifications like - Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor and True Cellular Detox Practitioner) until finally, God’s grace fell on me and for the first time I noticed rampant and aggressive HAIR PROGRESSION instead of yo-yoing HAIR REGRESSION.

The dramatic change began when I stopped throwing crap at the wall and developed a strategic and thoughtful approach instead. I learned how the body is supposed to work… where it could and does commonly go wrong… what symptoms present as a result… how these different glitches in our matrix can trickle down to hair loss… and most importantly what choices to make to help my body restore itself to homeostasis (the state of being in which your body can self regulate). 

Once I changed my DIET, my LIFESTYLE, and SUPPLEMENTS regime, I was able to feel in control of my life again. Every “failure” became part of the “roadmap” I used to pivot my strategy. 

Armed with understanding, I was able to get to work and transform myself into a mechanic of my own body TO REVEAL MY INNER BELLE! 

Beauty truly emanates from the inside out - on all levels. Never forget that ;-)

I designed my program in a way that helps you understand WHY this is happening to you and WHAT’S going on in there!

But more than just regaining a youthful appearance, I got my life back. I could confidently date again. I could feel excited about getting ready to go out anywhere and look forward to being noticed. I eventually got married and had my dream look for my hair at my wedding. I no longer found myself sucked into the internet vortex frantically guessing what I would be trying next that I would likely be wasting my money on. I no longer noticed people staring at my scalp and making concerning or insensitive remarks. Instead, I WANTED to be seen.

My investment in myself saved me so much money in the long run… money I would have spent (and have spent in the past) on wigs, shampoos, lotions and potions, more clueless doctors and drugs and supplements that didn't work. 

And most importantly it saved me time.. Time is of the essence when it comes to hair loss. Time is a form of currency after all… people trade money for time all the time. It’s what you do when you work for someone else and conversely, people spend money to save time all day long.

Spending more of my resources on KNOWLEDGE vs.. the next “product” saved me so much agony! It saved me from being tricked into wasting money in my desperation. It saved me all the future hours I would have spent feeling sorry for myself. 

It truly set me “free” because I no longer feared disappointment. When you understand why things didn’t work or only worked temporarily, everything you try is part of the process. 

With understanding comes peace. With understanding comes wisdom - the wisdom to make better choices… Life is about choices. Choose wisely.

Speaking of choices, I made a choice to help other people experience this same type of FREEDOM that I felt. 

Knowing first hand how devastating hair loss is, I made it a priority to cultivate a following, and began sharing what I knew. I soon realized, in order to change the lives of more people I would have to start a coaching program that I could personalize per client. 

I began mentoring the clients from my community and everyone who followed my instructions got the result we anticipated - thicker, fuller, stronger hair. We even saw regrowth in areas that were hairless. This, ladies and gentleman, is a 100% success rate.

I don’t claim to have all the answers to every hair loss problem on this planet, but just because I don’t claim it, doesn’t mean that it’s not possible.

I designed my program in a way that helps you understand WHY this is happening to you and WHAT’S going on in there. I designed it to help bring deficiency to sufficiency as quickly as possible so your hair has all it needs to grow ASAP, but also to simultaneously help your body heal itself so you eventually don’t have to be on supplements to maintain and advance your results.

I designed it to give you the skill set you need to become a new version of yourself, someone who is wiser and able to lead yourself to “Healthyville”

*I teach you how to identify which are the body systems malfunctioning that lead to the symptoms that keep you “dis-eased”

*I teach you which foods to eat and which ones not to eat, unique to you in your healing journey. I teach the food rules that will help you reach the nutrient intake you need to heal. 

*I teach you the small tiny lifestyle changes that will compound into giant shifts in your healing journey.

*I teach you the sequence in which you need to heal your systems. The timing and sequence are imperative to results. If someone was bleeding to death but also had a broken leg, you wouldn’t try to fix the leg before stopping the bleeding, would you!? I see people make similar mistakes when addressing hair regrowth ALL THE TIME!

*I teach you which supplements to take and when, and most importantly why - which DRAMATICALLY increases overall compliance.

*I teach you how to open up and help repair your detox pathways (because let’s face it, if we don’t address things like leaky gut and lymphatic congestion you won’t be able to get too far too long!)

*I teach you how to carry out these results in an effortless way and how to compensate for days that you revert to old habits. You don’t have to follow this program 100% right 100% of the time to get and keep your results!

*Most importantly, I teach you how to go from a powerless victim to an empowered body mechanic so you can regain control of your health and its outcome!

Imagine You Could... 

Stop wasting time googling for evidence that you can reverse your hair loss, and start applying strategic protocols that will get you the result instead.

Stop wasting money on practitioners and experts that give you a diagnosis  (if their guess is even right!) instead of hope or results that they haven't achieved themselves.

Finally understand the right supplements to take in the right order, in the right amount, at the right time, and HOW THEY WILL WORK WITH YOUR BODY  instead of taking random snake oil supplements that someone sold you on.


The Bellechanics to Reversing Hair Loss Naturally


  • how your body is supposed to work,

  • where it all goes wrong, and

  • what the root causes are that trickle down to hair loss! 

We take our students through the exact path I walked through to help my body restore hair loss the way skin repairs a cut!

Yes, I Want This>>>


Learn to listen to your body through a 10 module course and become aware of how your symptoms are a reflection of a system malfunctioning in your body and what YOU CAN DO to bring yourself back into balance.

Learn what foods, habits, thoughts, and behaviors are contributing to your hair loss and what to replace them with in a way that is EASY FOR YOU. 

Get your questions answered and the coaching you need to be self led by a qualified expert who has gotten the RESULTS FOR HERSELF AND HER CLIENTS, all on a case by case basis.

But this is not just another course you take on your own! 

You Are Not Alone

Unlike other Hair Loss Programs, The Bellechanics To Reversing Hair Loss Naturally is an interactive and collaborative experience!

You will join other committed & determined “Bellechanics” inside The Bellechanics to Reversing Hair Loss Naturally Community!

Imagine being surrounded by people who cared about your success...

Who cheer you on when you win...

Pick you up when you fall...

Hold you accountable... 

Share strategies & recipes with you…

Help you troubleshoot when you plateau…

A group of people on a mission to take control of their health, age as gracefully as possible, and move from powerless to powerful in their hair restoration journey!

When You Join  Bellechanics, You Will Gain  Access To:


  • Personalized One on One Support  

    Multiple in depth assessments forms to create a customized plan for you, addressing your unique situation and how we can offer personalized support in your unique healing journey!

    Supplements Starter Package personalized for you with a dosing schedule  & easy reorder instructions delivered to your doorstep! This includes a bonus growth serum (with a non greasy formula for consistent use!)

    Months of PRIVATE direct access coaching (3-6 months dependent on package) via voice notes to ask questions in real time when you feel confused or stuck!

    One on One calls to dive deep into your unique experience & bridge the gaps. Take action faster with extra hand holding & expedite your results! (up to 6 calls dependent on package choice)!


  • Ability to Quickly Learn What You Can’t Find On Google  

    Instant access to the entire 10 module course specializing in how to turn on and turn off your hair loss as well as how to REVERSE IT! (the product of $75k invested in trial, error & a decade of research)!

    Accompanying attachments to help you learn the contents and make the information actionable.

    Get expert support and advice and stop feeling lost and confused when we answer your personal & pressing questions in our community! 


  • Community & Accountability   

    5 - 10 Months of Group Coaching so you learn from others questions and comments (dependent on package choice)

    Private Facebook Group during Group Challenges for accountability & group education (calls will be recorded and posted on Facebook but held on zoom)

    Private Facebook Chat for all members during challenges for questions and encouragement.

    Ongoing challenges with prizes for participation!

    Members Only Coaching Calls to master the integration of the lesson at hand!

    Rewards for all clients that successfully regrow their hair (proof & testimonial required)!



    Community Forum to communicate with other Bellechanics & ask personalized questions before and after challenges!



  • Expert Continuing Education  

    Recipe library for easy meal plans & food guides that help hair grow!

    Ongoing updated video library with how to videos and tutorials covering everything from meal prepping to alternative therapies so you learn faster!

    Complimentary Access to all Paid Masterclass Offers during active membership!

    Continue to learn with us during your membership! Expect new discoveries in science for faster results to be passed on to you as we continue to research and test new products and protocols!

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Here's What It's Meant To Others


Maria Santacruz


"I do feel my hair a lot more thicker. I can tell because the texture is just different. I used to cover my hair with tinted dry shampoo a lot... Maybe about two months ago I stopped using it and I feel so much more secure... I like to do my hair now! As far as diet, I'll be truthful, I'm not too consistent with it... but I try to make better choices and take more meals to work than I used to before (thanks to Bellechanics)." "I believe that my hair can grow now. I wasn't able to think that way before... Just eating better has taken a whole different course in my life. Before I was just so depressed and eating junk food everyday. Now with me being more confident, I want to keep that confidence and I just want to eat better all the time to be more confident and grow my hair…I felt happy to be there, I looked forward to our calls. I just felt like I was part of something and (Saril) made me feel welcomed”


Kelly McGinnis Dulworth


“I feel like there were so many puzzle pieces and I had all the puzzle pieces but they were all over the place and I wasn’t able to put the puzzle together until (Bellechanics) came along...I felt better. The diet and the food and the supplements helped my hair. But they also helped me to feel better, giving me more energy...I don’t think anyone in this course would not be able to rave about (Saril)… I don’t know that I could have done this with anyone else...

This hands down is the best thing I’ve ever done... Absolutely, hands down a 10! This was a great experience. To anyone that would take this I would recommend (Saril) and this course."

Toni Specht


"I feel like I'm in control of my hair loss and I have never felt that way before. You go on (Bellechanics) and (the hair loss) stops. You start to see results in a couple of weeks…I feel like I can also improve my overall health. And then everything that comes from your health and your hair is just your confidence, your stress level, your psyche, your happiness, and it's changed my life in a lot of positive ways other than just my hair.” “"I felt cared about. That's a big deal. I felt like (Saril) really cared about us as individuals and wanted to help us improve our hair journey. To me, that's why I kept coming back because I felt  the genuine sincerity and the authenticity in the concern for (her) students…It definitely met and exceeded my expectations in terms of what I was hoping to get out of the program... A lot of it was new information and the old information that I had was really wrong."


Joanie Bateman Coffaro


Just a huge thank you to Saril Vasquez for taking
time to speak with me about the post detox steps. The detox was awesome with no side effects and I have done others in the past that didn't sit right. I have been following her recommendations for a few weeks and I am feeling much better. She has been through it all and it is nice to talk with someone who knows what works.. 2022 is my health year!!!


Melina Evard


“I'm just partway through (the masterclass) right now, but I like it so far - you're down-to-earth presence and approach, sharing your story, the oxygenation connection (makes so much sense)!”


Lisa Darsell Mack


“I am sending you pics of my hair … I was told by my hairdresser that my hair was very very healthy. She just cut all the dead ends off and I am rocking a ponytail right now and I thank you because I had such a fear and I thought I had to rely on wigs … for life.”


Sandy Engstrom Ores


“(Saril) is spot on with most everything I read. Let's face it not everyone agrees on everything but I agree on almost all of it. However, one has to start from within the body... No shampoo or product applied to the head will do anything (other than MAYBE toxic prescriptions which I don't want the side effects and life time commitment). I am into natural things and doing all I can to improve. I showed her pics of my hair. I am making progress... and I was diagnosed with AGA.”


I've turned my struggles into an easy-to-follow system to help you apply the changes that will give you the most immediate and dramatic results!

Scroll and read more to learn how you can reverse hair loss naturally!



Learn How to Regrow Hair!

 We have curated our best content for you, and have organized it into a simple to follow step-by-step course!

We even include your first batch of supplements mailed to your doorstep to expedite your results! These are chosen after your on-boarding consult!

Connect With our Community!

Join our challenges with prizes for participation  to start and keep up with lifestyle changes!

Join our live calls, our group chat, & our private Facebook Group during group challenges! Our community forum keeps us all engaged between challenges!

Get Unlimited Accountability & Direct Access Coaching!

We hold your hand throughout the entire process to reduce overwhelm and get you started on your new life!

Use voice notes to communicate your questions for personalized support during one on one coaching!

The Exact Step-By-Step Process To Reverse Hair Loss Naturally (Just Like I Did)

Course includes...

As Long As Your Hair Loss Isn't From Some Sort of Condition that Changed the Texture of Your Scalp, Your Hair Loss or Thinning is REVERSIBLE.


Want to Understand How?

Uncover Your True Root Causes & Learn HOW This is Possible For You:

Order Your 85 Question Assessment & 60 - 90 min Root Cause Resolution Consult Here

Do You Already Trust There is Hope? Are You Ready for Relief Now?


Choose Your Coaching Option:

(Because Hair Growth Doesn't Happen Overnight)

The Tesla Package


*Payment Plans Available

  • 10 Months of Coaching Support

      (Valued at $4997)
  • Up to 6 One on One Calls (Valued at $1111)
  • Private Coaching Access for 6 Months   (Valued at $1997) 
  • Available for LIVE SUPPORT 40 hours a week for 6 Months (Valued at $1997) 
  • Initial supply of personalized supplements mailed to you (Valued at $999)
  • Free Growth Serum (Valued at $67)
  • Intake & Assessment Forms Evaluation (Valued at $111) 
  • The Bellechanics to Reversing Hair Loss Naturally Online Program (Valued at $888)
  • How to Video Bank (Valued at $222)
  • Recipe Library (Valued at $111)
  • Continuing Education Posts and Lessons  (Valued at $99 a month)
  • Community Wide Group Challenges (Value $297)
  • Members Only Calls  (Valued at $297)
  • Community Forum (Value: PRICELESS)
  • Everything on Toyota and Beater Package

The Infiniti Package


*Payment Plans Available


  • 5 Months of Coaching Support

    (Valued at $2497)
  • Up to 3 One on One Calls (Valued at $555)
  • Private Coaching Access for 3 Months  (Valued at $1497)  
  • Available for LIVE SUPPORT 20 hours a week for 3 Months (Valued at $1997)
  • Initial supply of personalized supplements mailed to you (Valued at $499) 
  • Free Growth Serum  (Valued at $67)
  • Intake & Assessment Forms Evaluation (Valued at $111) 
  • The Bellechanics to Reversing Hair Loss Naturally Online Program (Valued at $888)
  • How to Video Bank  (Valued at $222)
  • Recipe Library (Valued at $111)
  • Continuing Education Posts and Lessons (Valued at $99 a month)
  • Community Wide Group Challenges (Value $297)
  • Members Only Calls  (Valued at $297)
  • Community Forum (Value: PRICELESS)
  • Everything on Toyota and Beater Package 

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You'll learn how to login and we will show you exactly how to get the most out of your membership!

We'll also send an email with your username and password so look out for it!



That's instant access to course lessons about why your hair stopped growing and how to reverse it, how-to videos on meal prepping and home therapies etc, recipes and food guides, as well as diet & supplement resources! 

No matter where you are in your journey, we have a resource for your next step!



Your initial batch of supplements are included in your pricing! Future refills can be purchased using links we provide as well as a personalized account with Fullscript where you'll have access to the lowest prices on professional grade supplements that really work! You keep this benefit for as long as you're in our program! (Clients save on average $100 per refill orders when we pass down our discount!)

We personalize recommendations on a client to client basis. Supplements will be mailed out after you have returned your assessment forms and have completed your onboarding call.



Once you complete your assessment forms and email them to us, the beginning of your coaching will be scheduled! You will be communicating with your coach via voice notes and texts to keep her informed on your progress and ask personal questions.

How many one on one calls are scheduled and how long you have direct access depends on your package option. (Expect better results the longer you have access to the coach!)


It's Time to Love The Way You Look Again!


You can keep searching for that one diagnosis and wasting your money on random supplements that don’t work at all or work temporarily, or you can take action and do something customized & strategic to get the result you’ve been hoping for!

Imagine being happy everyday and getting complimented as you age backwards. Wouldn't that be amazing? It's possible.

We can show you the path to get there when you join today! Let's do this...together.


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"My goal is to help you learn about your body’s natural ability to heal itself & how to harness that power so you can regrow your hair.

I want you to have peace that surpasses all understanding (when you finally get the answers you need), wisdom you’d take years to uncover (that you can’t find on search engines alone), and most importantly undeniable results! Your next step is to join The Bellechanics To Reversing Hair Loss Naturally today!"

Saril Vasquez CFNC TCDP CEI
Founder, The Bellechanics To Reversing Hair Loss Naturally

See you on the inside!